Take a look at our categories below. You can nominate products for the hero awards for each category
(in bold), as well as all the awards in our special Creative Bloq at 10 category. The winners will be decided through a combination of votes as well as our expert panel of judges.
Check out
this page for the Creative Bloq Awards full terms & conditions. 

Drawing Tablet of the Year
Best Drawing Tablet (budget)
Best Drawing Tablet (luxury)
Best Pen Display (budget)
Best Pen Display (luxury)
Best Tablet for Kids
Best Tablet Stylus


Laptop of the Year
Best Laptop for Video Editing
Best Laptop for Gaming
Best Laptop for Programming
Best Laptop for Drawing
Best Chromebook 

Home Studio Tech of the Year
Best Studio Furniture
Best Printer
Best Scanner
Best Audio Device Design
Best Smart TV
Best Smart Home Accessory
Best NFT Display

Camera of the Year
Best Camera for Streaming
Best Camera for Artists
Best Camera for Beginners
Best Camera Phone
Best Camera for Video
Best Analogue Camera

Console of the Year
Best Game Design
Best VR Game
Best Gaming Accessory
Best Game UX / UI
Best Monitor for Games
Best Gaming PC
Best Headphone Design

Desktop Computer of the Year
Best Monitor for Creatives
Best Workstation
Best GPU for Rendering
Best Mouse Design
Best Keyboard Design

Design Software of the Year
Best Digital Painting Software
Best Video Editing Software
Best Software for Designers
Best 3D Software
Best Software for Animation
Best Game Design Software
Best Software Design UI/UX

Craft Machine of the Year 
Best Craft Cutting Machine
Best Sewing Machine
Best Laser Cutter
Best Heat Press Machine
Best Craft Machine Innovation
Best Lamp for Crafting
Best Craft Machine Accessory


Streaming Platform of the Year
Best TV Series or Limited Series
Best VFX Scene or Shot
Best Animated Short
Best Animated Film
Best Production Design
Best Film (with VFX)

Hottest Upcoming Tech
Best Upcoming Laptop
Best Upcoming Tablet
Best Upcoming Home Accessory
Best Upcoming Software
Best Upcoming Gaming Hardware


Best Tech of the Decade
Logo Design of the Decade
Advert of the Decade
Phone Design of the Decade
Brand Campaign of the Decade
Design Innovation of the Decade
Software of the Decade
Innovative Print Ad of the Decade
Apple Product of the Decade
Rebrand of the Decade