Shooting Apparel of the year
From technical to tweed, suits to socks – clothing and footwear designed specifically for the shooting market. All types of shooting – stalking, game, clay or target – and all price points considered
Ammunition of the year 
The best cartridges, shells and pellets of the year. Whether for hunting, competition or training use; we want to hear about ammunition that's well designed, well marketed and – most of all – used and loved by the shooting public.
Optics product of the year
Any optical product released in the year to September 2018 that runs on traditional 'glass' – be it a riflescope, binoculars, rangefinder or spotter. All price points and countries of origin considered.
Night vision/ Thermal product of the year
For the products at the forefront of the NV revolution, including image intensifier, digital and thermal. Which product has really innovated and pushed the boundaries the most?
Airgun of the year
Celebrating the variety in the airgun market – rifles and pistols; PCPs, springers, gas rams and CO2; hunting guns, plinkers, 10-metre and FT. But which airgun has had the most success with its target market?
Rifle of the year 
From .22LR up, we want the live-firing rifle that's dominated the market for its intended use, whether that's stalking, foxing or long-range targets. All price points eligible but it's factory rifles only.
Shotgun of the year
Over-and-under, side-by-side or semi-auto – we're looking for the shotgun that's had the most success in its market, whether that's winning international medals or attracting newcomers to shooting. Game and clay guns are eligible, in any gauge. Again, factory guns only, but all price points are considered.
Retailer of the year
Whether a newcomer or a industry stalwart, this is for the retailer that's really gone the extra mile in attracting customers and presenting products in the best light. Any retailer that sells shooting equipment, accessories or apparel is accepted.
Gamekeeper of the year 
Recognising the work done by gamekeepers at the coal-face of land management every day. We want stories of keepers who clearly demonstrate the link between shooting and conservation, no matter the size of the estate or type of shooting.
Professional Stalker of the year
For an outstanding UK-based stalker – all species and parts of the country considered equally – who provides good PR for shooting, always puts a smile on clients' faces, and knows deer management is about much more than pulling a trigger.
Outstanding contribution to conservation
Anyone, UK-based or abroad, who has been at the forefront of population-level conservation efforts – for huntable quarry species or otherwise. We're specifically looking for people who back up their words and put their own time and resources into conservation.
Lifetime achievement
A special award to honour those who have dedicated their careers to serving the gun trade. By judgement of the panel only, but nominations will be considered.