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Still Playing Award
Best Visual Design
Best Indie Game
Best Multiplayer Game 
Best Studio 
Best Game Expansion
Best Game Community 
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Best VR Game
Best Game Trailer
Nintendo Game of the Year
PC Game of the Year
PlayStation Game of the Year
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Most Wanted Game
Ultimate Game of the Year
Breakthrough Award (no nominations taken) 
Critics Choice Award (no nominations taken) 
Best Performer (no nominations taken) 
Lifetime Achievement (no nominations taken) 


As part of the 2023 Golden Joystick Awards we are collating positive impacts around the industry to highlight and feature throughout our 2023 Awards. Examples of positive impacts could be in setting up a new employee initiative that has been well received, working with a local community, developing a new way to interact with players, creating an accessibility control scheme, building guidelines for community engagement or charity donations and involvement.

If your nominated company/studio or individual has gone above and beyond to make a positive contribution to staff, players, gaming community or society we would love to hear about it included in your nomination.