Music Week is extremely disappointed to announce that we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Music Week Awards ceremony. We feel that due to the current situation, we can’t, with any confidence, know that the event is going to be able to go ahead. Therefore it is only right that we make the call now and proceed with the cancellation process.

There is good news however, the Music Week Awards will still be taking place behind closed doors and we will be announcing the winners in a ‘special edition’ print issue of the magazine and across our website. This means that you still get the benefit of the awards, but sadly without the amazing party (or hangover), but we will be here to celebrate with you all in 2021.


Booked a ticket/table for the 2020 event?

There are a couple of options for those who have booked a ticket/table to the event. You can either apply for a full refund, which we’re happy to issue, or you can roll your ticket over to the 2021 date (tbc) and receive the benefit of a price freeze. Apply for a ticket/table booking modification below.