Startup Winners 2018
Amondo is the leading content curation tool for artists, rights holders and other content owners seeking to capture and showcase their live music experiences. This is achieved by bringing together all photo, video and social content generated at an event - from the fans, influencers and rights holders - into a single web-based feed called an Imprint. Perfect for sharing and for distributing via artists’ social channels. Imprints also create the perfect digital environment for brand sponsors to become embedded within live music experiences, helping them to build deeper engagement with hard-to-reach audiences.
Everywoah are Augmented Reality (AR) partner developers of Facebook Inc.'s Camera Effects Platform. We produce filters for brands and bands, artists and acts to thrill fans across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. We've made  Camera Effects for the likes of Years & Years, Big Shaq, MNEK, JaxJones, Parklife, Desigual, Puma, and ManCity. We also develop TikTok (Musically) filters, Unity based VR & 360º video apps, Ricoh© Theta Camera apps, and brainwave controlled Virtual Reality. Previously developers of Google Glassware and  OculusDK1 projects, we're a seed invested accelerated team trio, unafraid of need it yesterday deadlines. Everywhere there's a woah, we're Everywoah. 
gotickety is a brand new marketing & data-capture platform that utilises gamification to go beyond the super fan and engage those hard to reach casuals. For FANS, gotickety is a fun, engaging and addictive Candy Crush style game that allows players to win concert tickets, merchandise and meet & greets with their favourite artists. For ARTISTS, it is a new and incredibly innovative way to directly market to, engage and capture insightful data on their fans. Launching 2019 – currently signing up labels, managers and artists. 
PEEX believes live music can be better. More interactive. More intimate. More involved. More intense. The PEEX rX is the world’s first wearable technology providing zero latency, infinitely scalable, high-quality audio anywhere in a venue.  Wherever you are, you’ll feel like you're plugged in to the Front of House mixing board and that you have the best seat in the house.  Additionally, personalise and take control of your audio experience with the PEEX mixer; a free app connected via Bluetooth to the PEEX rX. Interact with your favourite instrument or musician with the freedom to mix to your preference. 
Piktical heralds a new collaborative era in the live music industry by deploying mobile-based facial recognition that puts event organisers back in total control of their tickets. Our independent, centralised hub secures tickets and ensures that only genuine ticket holders are admitted to events. We provide a single place for event organisers and ticket buyers to manage their tickets – securely, safely, simply. We aim to become the de facto, anti-touting, digital ticketing database, integrated with each of the live events industry ticketing companies, similar to the airline industry’s GDS, opening up a world of possibilities to organisations of all sizes. 
Rotor is a purpose-built software that simplifies video creation for the music industry, led by a team who have built and sold video tech to Google, managed major music catalogues, produced award-winning music videos and have exited enterprise tech businesses. With customers such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner and BMG, Rotor makes it easy for all musicians, labels and music catalogue owners to create video content for promotion, engagement and monetisation of songs. Videos can be made with Rotor in less than 20 minutes and for less than £20. Tailored videos can be created by our team for £100. 
Show Stream is a live music streaming platform that delivers the live music experience into the homes of music fans around the World. Unlike other streaming platforms, Show Stream is focused on live video streaming and sharing the live experience. We enable artists to reach a wider audience with a single show. Show Stream offer artists the opportunity to sell virtual tickets to music fans who can't physically attend the show, and a place to promote their music, merchandise, and tour dates.  The Show Stream platform provides music fans with access to amazing live shows and exclusive behind the scenes content and a place to discover and enjoy more live music. 
TagMix solves the problem of poor quality audio found on videos recorded by smartphones at live music events using patented technology. It does this by taking a real-time pro-audio stream direct from the artists on stage to replace the poor quality phone audio captured by an audience member.  Fans, Artists, venues and promoters are then happy to share the TagMix enhanced piece of content that can be supplemented with additional video clips, branding and logos creating a high quality souvenir that captures the moment and the music.