The entry form and what to include:

Your entry must be no longer than 500 words and address the criteria set out in the category you’re entering. To view the criteria and decide which award(s) you would like to enter, please CLICK HERE to do so. 
Please look at these criteria carefully when deciding on the appropriate category to enter, as entry categories cannot be changed once judging has commenced. If you enter an award and the PSNEurope team feel your entry is more suited to another category, we reserve the right to move your entry into another category.
Once you have decided which categories to enter we would recommend writing your entry OFFLINE first. This will allow you to make amends easily and get the necessary internal approval before submitting. For your submission you will be asked to complete / upload the following:
> Main contact details of person submitting the entry
> 500 word submission (text only) that details why you should enter making sure you set out to answer everything asked of you in the criteria
> Any supporting material you wish to upload - these can be in the form of images or videos
> Some categories ask for a testimonial - there will be a box for this on the form
> A 30-word summary of your entry for publication should you be shortlisted
> A high-reg company logo
Once you have this information you can go ahead and submit it online. You will be able to set a password and make edits to it up until the entry deadline date but please make sure you complete the entire online form to ensure it saves. 
The entry form will ask you to provide a 30-word summary of your entry which will be printed in the event guide and shared in marketing if your entry is shortlisted. You will not be asked to check this or amend it, so please make sure that you are happy for the information in this part of your entry to be published. 
We will use the information that you give us to compile the shortlist, so it’s very important that you make sure you are using the correct spelling and including the right information, so that the listings end up correct. 
We’ll acknowledge receipt of entries by email within a week of the late entry closing date.