Pro Sound News Europe is delighted to announce that Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews will receive the coveted Lifetime Achievement award at the 2017 Pro Sound Awards.
With a career spanning almost five decades, Andrews is the mastermind behind one of the pro audio industry’s most revered and iconic brands.
For over four decades, Andrews has consistently pushed the boundaries of audio technology with a raft of technological innovations that have seen Funktion-One loudspeakers take pride of place at a plethora of world class venues, nightclubs and festivals.
His evangelical passion for high-quality audio and an unrivalled determination to explore new ways of delivering sonic purity have singled him out as one of the industry’s most outspoken, and indeed, vital figures.
He will be presented with the award at the 2017 Pro Sound Awards ceremony at London’s Steel Yard on September 28.
Speaking of his Lifetime Achievement award recognition, Andrews told PSNEurope: “It’s a huge honour to be recognised by the industry that has played such a large part in my life. The pursuit of audio excellence has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember; it’s a passion I’ve tried to share with everybody, whether they’ve liked it or not! While there have been many highlights and achievements to date, I’m confident there are more still to come.”
Earlier this year, Funktion-One brought its ‘Experimental Ambisonic Soundfield’ to Glastonbury’s Glade Stage via its Evo range, which, Andrews told PSNEurope was among the high points of his career to date.
“The Glade stage at Glastonbury was the most audio fun I’ve had in ages,” he said. “The Ambisonics was working the best I’ve ever heard it, the bass was incredible and Goldie’s set has to be in my top five audio experiences of a lifetime.”