The Awards Process

The new PSNEurope Pro Sound Awards process is simple and transparent, and is structured to facilitate an accurate and failsafe method of determining the winner of each award. 
Entries open on 14th August 2018.
Your written entry is the basis on which you will be judged and shortlisted. The entry form should be completed to the best of your ability and the content should show how you meet all of the criteria in your chosen category. Please include all of the information we ask for, otherwise your entry may not be put forward, or if it is, it may result in lower scoring from the judges. 
Draft entry forms are available for each award, which can be downloaded from the website to help you prepare your entry. You should draft your entry on this document, and then copy and paste it into the website when you are ready to submit, rather than drafting your entry on our website. You can circulate the draft entry form internally to help get all the information you need to formulate a strong entry. 
Entries must be submitted via the PSNEurope Pro Sound Awards website in order to be eligible for shortlisting and judging. 
Entries close at midnight GMT on 28th September 2018.
Entries should be completed and submitted by the time and date above. All requests for deadline extensions should be sent to Jonny Sullens on for consideration. Requests sent to other members of the Pro Sound may not be granted or forwarded. 
The Shortlist
When entries have closed, the shortlisting begins! The shortlist is curated by the PSNEurope editorial team, who have a plethora of experience of judging awards programmes, and innately very well qualified to judge innovation and success in the business of professional audio by virtue of their day jobs writing about such things. Where entries are particularly competitive or of a particularly high volume in one category, the team will ask for the expert advice of some outside counsel. 
The shortlist will be announced on the week commencing 9th October 2018.

The Judging Process
The PSNEurope Pro Sound Awards judging panel is made up of industry experts from across the professional audio industry. Panels will be specially curated to judge the different awards, mixing peers with those elsewhere in the value chain, to make sure that the judgement is informed and considered from all sides. 
Judges will be required to score each shortlisted entry against the specific criteria for each award. Voting will be private to avoid lobbying or undue pressure. The scores will be collated, verified for any anomalies and then averaged out to determine the winner. 
This system makes sure that each and every judge will read each and every entry, and allows the Pro Sound team to identify any potential bias or inconsistencies. Judges can recuse themselves from scoring particular entries if necessary, and the process is transparent and fair to all parties. 
Winners announced
The winners will be announced via the PSNEurope Pro Sound Awards ceremony, taking place on 22nd November 2018.