Meet our Real Homes Awards 2022 winners, showing the best of the best in the interiors market in 2022!

Welcome to the Real Home Awards 2022, where our esteemed panel of judges will name the best of the best in home products, along with the top great value home products finds,  across 15 categories.

At Real Homes, we not only find the most inspiring ideas and share practical advice for your project, we also review everything you might need to finish your home. From washing machines to mattresses, and sofas to smart home devices, we make it our job to help you buy the best products at the lowest prices.

This is your chance to have your product and brand stamped with a seal of approval from Real Homes. With a network of over 2.1 million monthly global users and over 182k social fans, receiving a Real Homes Award gives brands a competitive edge through high consumer exposure and endorsement.