Who is eligible for this award?
This award is for the team behind the best soundtrack for an entire TV series, which was majority produced and/or financed by a UK-based company or principally produced for a UK-based broadcaster,  shown on television during the time period for eligibility. 

Please make sure, if entering this category, that you take the time to let other parties involved in the sync know that you will be doing so. Where possible, one strong entry, naming all partners, that has been a collaborative effort, will be more effective than multiple separate and therefore less complete entries from all individual parties involved.

Judges will score the entry based both on creative merit and commercial effectiveness. 

  • Evidence of benefits for both TV Show and artist / music right-holders, including but not limited to:
    • Evidence of commercial impact 
    • Sales, viewing and/or Shazam figures (please cite sources used to obtain figures)
    • Testimonials as to the impact of the syncs from a business perspective
  • Evidence of artistic merit and creative process, including but not limited to:
    • How the music consistently enhances the scenes and / or helps the narrative
    • How the music has informed the way the work has been edited or conceived
    • Evidence of creative innovation, and other contributing factors such as lyrical relevance or apt instrumentation
Entries should always include:
  • A link or upload of the syncs in question (a minimum of 4, maximum of 8) (The songs must be audible, intelligible and presented substantially within the work)
  • Evidence of when the TV series was shown on British television and of it being majority produced and/or financed by a UK-based company, or principally produced for a UK-based broadcaster
  • Names of companies / people involved with the sync (Label, Publisher, Agency, Music Supervisor, etc.)