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  • A company/person may enter into as many categories as they see fit.
  • The word limit for entries is 500 words, however this does not include testimonials, if these are requested as part of the entry criteria. Testimonials should be entered in a separate box as detailed on the entry form.
  • A company/person can enter themselves or can be entered by someone else, however it is important to note that an entry will be judged on its content and quality and not by how many times it has been entered/nominated into the same category.
  • Please make sure you refer to the criteria for each entry before submitting 
  • The  deadline for entering nominations is 5pm on Monday August 12, 2019 .You will be able to make changes to your entries up until this date, but any changes made after this date will not be counted.
  • If you are completing a second entry under the same email address you will be prompted to complete the first page of the form again, when pressing continue the system will recognise your email address and prompt you to log in. You can then add your second entry or modify an existing one.
  • Please keep the confirmation emails that you receive for reference purposes.
  • After the entry deadline your entry(s) will be passed to our panel of judges who will decide on a winner.
  • In order for an entry to be considered valid you must complete all required fields on the entry form. Failure to do so will make your entry invalid and you may be contacted by a member of the Music Week team to re-submit it.
  • Entries must be submitted through this website. Any entries submitted by email or other means directly to the Women in Music Awards team will not be counted and will be returned to the sender.
  • If you have any questions about the entry process, please contact Kate Smith, Customer Service Executive at