Can I enter more than one product, and more than one award?
Companies can submit a product or solutionfor consideration by one or more of these leading publications, and may submit multiple products for consideration. There is no limit for entries, but please note that each entry will require a separate entry and payment. 
How much does it cost to enter? 
The cost of each entry is £410 per product plus VAT.
How do I pay?
We only accept payment by Mastercard or Visa via the website and we are only able to arrange an invoice for 4+ entries. If you would like submit 4+ entries and to arrange payment by invoice please contact Jon Massingham:  
What if I have already entered Best of Show 2021?

If you have already nominated a product or solution for the Best of Show 2021 Awards prior to IBC cancelling, your nomination will automatically be transferred to the Best of 2021 Awards.


Who can enter Best of 2021?

Any company that has launched a product or solution within the industry over the last 15 months (since the 2020 IBC Showcase) who will not be attending IBC 2021. Products or services need not be shipped or launched but must be shown publicly on or by the time the 2021 event opens. If a product was shown in the same form before September 2020 it is not eligible. 


What if I am entering a new product under embargo?
Please list that the product is under embargo in the entry process - no products will be publicly mentioned until after winners are announced, currently planned for 20th December.


How do I enter?
Entries are submitted online here and are subject to specific criteria, levelling the playing field and ensuring that the judges receive all the pertinent information for each entry in the same format.

What is the entry deadline?
The deadline for entries is midnight 7th December 2021 - this has already been extended and is the final deadline.
What do I need to enter?
For your entry you will need:
  • Your product name
  • 500 word pitch describing why your product is deserves to be considered for a Best of Show Award. Please note, this entry will be read by both the judges and by the readers readers of the post-show Program Guide
  • A high res (300dpi) image of your product
  • The URL for the company who makes the product

If you are entering a product/solution on behalf of a client, please ensure that you enter the client’s company name as the manufacturer and not your PR/marcoms company. 
Due to current restrictions, we will be delivering digital certificates to all winners in addition to winners’ logos. All winners will be notified prior to the awards being officially announced. 

Any more questions?
Please contact a member of the team