Entry Guidance
Below is the entry guide for each of the 4 award categoies. Entering a product in multiple categories is permitted where applicable. If you are unsure as to which category your product should be entered in, please feel free to contact us. For more information about the awards and entry process, please download the Entry Guide by clicking the button below.

AV Technology Europe

AV Technology Europe is dedicated to end users of audiovisual products and systems in a variety of market verticals. You should enter this category if your products are designed for specific use within a vertical market (or markets) such as the corporate, education, or retail sectors. All AV products and technologies are eligible for entry and each nomination should stipulate which market vertical(s) the product is designed/best suited for, and should detail the specific benefits of the product to end users within that vertical.

Market verticals in this category include, but are not limited to: Corporate Education, Government and Public Sector, Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment, Live Events, Retail and DOOH, Media and Broadcast, Transport, Visitor Attractions, Other (please specify on entry)


Installation is dedicated to installers and integrators of audiovisual products and systems in any business facility. This category is open to all AV products and is specific to the technology area the product sits within: such as digital signage, display technology, projection, etc. Each nomination should detail the general benefits of the product, any specific use benefits for certain markets (corporate, education, healthcare, etc), and why integrators should consider your products over others in the same space.
Technology areas include, but are not limited to: Audio, AV Accessories, Collaboration, Communication, Digital Signage, Display Technology, Management and Control, Processing and Distribution, Projection Technology; VR/AR/MR


PSNEurope is dedicated to covering the length and breadth of the professional audio community. If your company creates installed audio products and/or solutions, whether for theatres, stadia/live venues, studios, or corporate premises, then you should submit your nominations in the PSNEurope category.
Coverage areas include, but are not limited to: Recording, editing and mixing software Audio consoles, Network management & communications systems, Microphones, Speakers and monitors, Audio over IP (AoIP), Post production audio, Immersive/spatial/3D audio

Residential Systems

Residential Systems is dedicated to custom home entertainment and automation design and installation professionals. This category is open to all AV products and solutions specifically for the residential market, and entries should detail the benefits of the product(s) for installers and integrators in the market.
Coverage areas include, but are not limited to: Automation, Connectivity, Home Audio Systems and Tech, Lighting and Shades, Projection, Security, Smart Home Technology,(IoT) Video and Displays