Congratulations to the 2019 finalists! 
Endlesss is a live multiplayer music-making platform - collaborative, gamified music-making for the Fortnite/Twitch era. Endlesss is based around the creation, sharing, remixing and listening of 'Rifff's - small chunks of music that a re quick and simple to create and share. As media and gaming converge, the huge opportunity to connect and amplify the 100s of millions of casual music-makers around the globe is ripe to be taken.
Snaptivity enhances the live-music fan experience by aiming our cameras at the crowd. Snaptivity is an award-winning Smart Venue technology company (2 Gold Cannes Lions & more). Innovative IoT sensors developed by the company track crowd movement and collect numerous data points like sound, light, ambience, etc. This big data is analysed using AI algorithms to understand the behaviour and emotions of the fans along with the venue environment. This triggers robotic cameras to capture candid peak moments for every fan. Snaptivity is an API solution for effortless integration into existing channels. Fans enter their seat details/locate area they were standing and get their best candid gig photos, where he/she is always in the centre of an image. On an average gig, each fan receives 10-15 photos to share, tag and brag.
SeatFair is a bid-based, open market where fans determine ticket pricing; the software's agnostic architecture allowing seamless integration with existing ticketing systems.
The three goals driving the design of the platform are simply to connect the fan with the experience they love most: faster, smarter and more fairly.
Breathe Music
Breathe Music is a Cardiff based music-tech start-up with a world-class consortium.  The company has recently been successful in raising significant Innovate UK Smart funding. We have developed a disruptive model that significantly improves on current content-based music recognition algorithms, employing ground-breaking AI-technologies to identify live performances and unofficial online covers; as well as commercially released recordings. A solution for music rights owners, the music industry's collective management organisations, as well as venues and digital service providers, it ensures music is identified and evidenced wherever it is played. 
We at seeqnc built the world’s first platform to track music usage and notify creators, labels and performance rights organisations in real-time.  Performing DJs and bands are using seeqnc technology to track the music they are playing and generate setlists on the spot. Producers and labels can now use this data for the first time to generate a live-picture of their music footprint.
Encore is a marketplace connecting event organisers with incredible live musicians. Home to over 25,000 different musicians and groups spanning all genres in every corner of the UK, Encore matches customers with vetted musicians who are available on the date of their event. Payment is handled securely using Encore Pay, and reviews are taken after the event to help future customers. Since 2015, Encore has provided musicians, bands and DJs for over 7,000 events all over the UK, ranging from weddings and parties to TV shows and stadium concerts. The platform has paid out over £2.5 million to its musicians.