This month and next, Music Week is partnering with Facebook to bring you Digital Marketing Masters - a celebration of the very best in digital marketing today, and of the teams who bring the campaigns to life. We're shining a light on the most striking imagery, the hottest video edits and the most powerful messages which have cut through the noise and made the biggest impact on audiences in 2020. 
We're calling on any organisation that promotes music talent via digital media to take part - whether you're behind an emerging artist or established, already-famous act. It's the strength of the digital campaign that matters. There are no specific categories - we're not pigeon-holing the work - so everyone is welcome! 
Special mention will be given to the marketing teams who have wowed us with their design or message, or pushed the industry forward with particularly innovative work. We're excited to hear why your campaign should win. 
The winner will be featured in our December 15th issue of Music Week, we'll tell your story here on and, of course, post it to our 35,000+ followers on Facebook @MusicWeekNews, ready for you to share with your own audience. 
Entries will be judged by Vanessa Bakewell, Facebook's client partner - music partnerships, Diana Donnelly, client solutions manager - music partnerships, Mark Sutherland, Music Week's editor and Stuart Williams, Music Week’s managing director. 
Save the date! Digital Marketing Masters is open for entries on October 26,  2020 – so get yours ready now. Write a brief summary of the idea, and why you should win, and include a link to your campaign – we can’t wait to hear from you. The closing date will be November 20, 2020Campaigns must have taken place on digital media between July and October, 2020. For full T&Cs, click here.