The Week Junior offers Award-winning brands the chance to purchase logo licence for shortlisted and winning books.

Logo Usage Guidelines
Book publishers and distributors are permitted to use the relevant trademarked logos free of charge in the following circumstance only:
  • Digital book promotion in social media, on websites or by emails
The trademarked logos must not be altered or amended in any way and must be used as supplied. 
General Brand Usage Guidelines

The Week Junior
All mentions of "The Week Junior" should be written out in full, capitalising the first letters of each word. 
The Week Junior Copy
To aid in relaying the strength and relationship you have with The Week Junior, below is a description that can be used for reference. 
"The Week Junior is designed and written by experts to carefully explain current affairs, science, sport, the arts, nature and technology to 8 to 14 year olds, encouraging them to explore their world and develop their own opinions. It explains our wonderful world in a safe, unbiased, age-appropriate way, inspiring kids to talk about what’s happening in the news, and get involved in their planet."
Logo Spacing and Exclusion Zone
To preserve the The Week Junior logo's integrity, there should always be a clear space around the logo. This "exclusion zone" should be a minimum of the logo's "x-height". 
Unacceptable Usage
For the sake of the credibility of any marketing activities you use the logos in, we must ask you adhere to the following rules:
  • Do not change the logo orientation
  • Do not crop the logo
  • Do not distort the logo proportions
If you require any further information regarding logo usage for marketing / retail support / third party usage, please contact Eve Mulvaney eve.mulvaney@futurenet.com
Awards Logo Usage Guidelines on Social Media

Our overall goal is to participate online in a respectful, relevant way that protects our reputation and respects our commercial proposition.
1. Publishers- Publishers can use the official Awards logos for their winning book on social media free of charge, with no restrictions whatsoever, but to support the promotion of these products in the retail environment, manufacturers should follow point 2 and point 3.
2. Retailers - If manufacturers do not purchase the right to use the trademarked Awards logo on their book cover, then retailers can use the Awards logo solely digital platforms. Retailers can share, retweet or post the official logos for the winning products on social media sites.
3. Publishers and Distributors  - Both must post meaningful, respectful comments (no spam and / or remarks that are off-topic or offensive). Suggested tweet / social media post: "We're delighted to announce that the <insert book name> has won <insert award> in the <year> The Week Junior Book Awards! @theweekjunior
Note you may add The Week Junior logos to the tweet / post if you so wish.