You can enter as many categories as you would like. Products must have been made available to purchase between January 1 2020 and June 30 2021. If you have any questions about which category your company fits into, please don't hesitate to contact Kate Smith at You can find out more about deadlines and entry eligibility here

Apps which make a difference to every day productivity and well being; from work productivity and efficiency pushers, to entertainment and fitness trackers.

The tech that facilitates the talk, including wearables (e.g. smart watches), telephones, headphones and microphones, and meeting software.

Lumbar-supporting chairs, movement improving mice, stand-up desks...this is a category for products which focus specifically on comfort and minimising conditions related to workstation routine. 

Products which drive crucial food and drink supplies throughout the day; including coffee machines and kitchen appliances, meal prep services, delivery services and Smart Home gadgets.

Includes exercise equipment, wearables (fitness trackers and smart watches) or any product relating to staying fit and healthy. 

For products helping people stay organised and keep on top of their personal and professional life. It includes project management tools, scheduling tech, and task lists etc. 

Tech that saves us time! Whether it's in the office or somewhere else in the house any products saving time and effort can enter this category.

The central hub of working from home, any hardware used to kit out the best of the best home office is eligible. Think laptops, monitors, keyboards, and mice.