The first ever Tom's Guide awards will spotlight the very best products in more than 25 categories, ranging from smartphones to 8k TVs to streaming services and VR headsets. We'll also be giving special recognition to products that have especially wowed us with their design or value, or pushed the industry forward via sheer innovation. You can see a full list of the categories here
The nominees will be judged by the Tom's Guide editorial staff, which consists of a range of category experts in fields such as mobile, entertainment, gaming and more. 
We also need YOUR help. Click the button below to enter the products you love, the products you make or the ones you promote. It doesn’t take long and it could set them on the road to Tom's Guide award glory! 
Please note that products nominated must be available to us to test, and on sale in the US by June 1st. The only exception to this is in the TV categories, where products may not yet be on sale, but a final version must be available to test.