As well as the wonderful theatre performance, your tickets include your choice of interactive and immersive workshop*. Embark on a journey of learning, exploration, and fun! Simply select the one workshop you'd like to attend at the check out. Workshops will last between 45 minutes and one hour.

*subject to availability. 

Artistic Adventure with the McLeod Brothers: Knight Sir Louis and the Sorcerer of Slime Workshop! SOLD OUT

Calling all young adventurers and aspiring artists! Join us for a fun-filled and action-packed session with the McLeod Brothers as they present Knight Sir Louis and the Sorcerer of Slime. This enchanting workshop is a celebration of creativity including creative writing, drawing, and, most importantly, laughter! Children are encouraged to bring their sketchbooks, ready to embark on a journey of imagination and artistic expression.

Magical Journey of Story-Starting with Eve McDonnell SOLD OUT

Prepare for an enchanting literary adventure with The Chestnut Roaster's Eve McDonnell. In this captivating workshop, Eve will take young participants on a magical journey, guiding them through the intricate art of story-starting. With her infectious passion for storytelling, Eve will ignite the spark of creativity within each child, encouraging their imaginations to soar to new heights. As the secrets of storytelling are unlocked, young minds will be transported to far-off lands, mysterious realms, and fantastic worlds where anything is possible.

Join Really Big Pants Theatre for Clare & Cory Share a (Glorious) Story - a show full of imagination and wonder SOLD OUT

This captivating show, perfect for ages 3-7, will transport children into a world of imagination and wonder.  Experience the magic of a heart-warming story brought to life on stage, accompanied by an enchanting picture book.  With joyful puppets, interactive rhymes, and talented actors, the show creates a sensory feast that immerses the audience in a world of sights and sounds that spark the imagination.

Mystery workshop Anisha, Accidental Detective: Beach Disaster with Serena Patel SOLD OUT

Inspired by Anisha's escapades, children will be encouraged to create their own funny mystery stories, weaving tales of intrigue and laughter. With Serena's guidance, they will explore the art of crafting captivating plots, developing quirky characters, and setting the stage for their very own mystery-solving heroes. 

Creating Captivating Characters: Jodie Garnish, The Spectaculars SOLD OUT

Step into the world of character creation in "The Spectaculars" workshop.  Children will have the opportunity to collaboratively build a character from the ground up. Through a series of engaging multiple-choice questions centred around voice, posture, and expression, Jodie will guide you in crafting a truly unique and captivating character. This workshop not only hones storytelling skills but also encourages teamwork and creativity, leaving everyone inspired to explore the limitless possibilities of character development.

Dare to Play The Escape Room with Christopher Edge SOLD OUT

Welcome to The Escape – the ultimate Escape Room with puzzles and challenges to beat before time runs out. But wait, this is no ordinary game… Do you dare to play? Join author Christopher Edge on a heart-racing journey as he brings The Escape to life and explore the imaginative, empowering world of his mind-bendingly brilliant novel, Escape Room. Can you help Christopher find the Answer and save the world?