The Tried & Tasted: Christmas product categories are free to enter. If entering a product, you will need to send three samples of each product you enter for the judges to test in our Tried & Tasted kitchen in early August. Take a look at the categories below and complete the nomination form for any products you'd like to enter. 

Best Turkey
Criteria: a turkey centrepiece suitable for serving on Christmas Day. This can be a whole turkey or prepared e.g. turkey crown or parcel.

Christmas Main (Non-Turkey)
Criteria: a main course centrepiece suitable for serving on Christmas Day that is not made using turkey. For example: beef wellington or salmon en croute.

Pigs in Blankets
Criteria: Ready prepared pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon). Alternatives can also be entered; this may be a vegetarian/vegan option or an unusual flavour, for example.

Vegetarian Main Course
Criteria: a meat-free, main course option that’s suitable for the Christmas table. This can be an individual portion or a product that’s suitable to serve up as a sharing centrepiece.

Vegan Main Course
Criteria: a vegan main course option that’s suitable for the Christmas table. This can be an individual portion or a product that’s suitable to serve up as a sharing centrepiece.

Cranberry Sauce
Criteria: a classic, ready-made, cranberry sauce or one with a twist. However it comes, it should be ideal for serving with your Christmas main.

Ready-Made Starter
Criteria: a festive ready-made starter that’s not only got a great flavour but also saves the host time and compliments a Christmas dinner.

Christmas Pudding
Criteria: a classic Christmas Pudding that’s full of fruit. The pudding can have some novel qualities but shouldn’t be too far away from a traditional Christmas pudding. 

Showstopping Dessert
Criteria: a pudding which deserves to grace a festive table. The dessert can be individual portions or served to share. Fresh, refrigerated or frozen; as long as it’s easy to prepare they are welcome.

Vegan Dessert
Criteria: a vegan option for a festive dessert. They can be individually served or made to share. However it comes, it should be good enough to end the Christmas dinner.

Wine to Pair with Christmas Dinner
Criteria: whether to be served with turkey or an alternative, these wines should be good enough to grace the Christmas table.  

Party Food
Criteria: Not purely open to canapes, this category is open to anything that would work for a festive party. Whether it’s a bite-sized gem or something to share, as long as it’s fit for a party. 

Smoked Salmon
Criteria: a high quality salmon that has been smoked to perfection. Sustainable salmon will be judged more highly. 


Criteria: a sparkling wine which is the ultimate way to celebrate over the festive season. 

Criteria: a non-alcoholic option that can be served up over the festive period. These can be spirits, wines, beers or other. 

Festive Specific Spirits
Criteria: a Christmas themed spirit that can either be drunk neat or used with a mixer. They should be festive in flavour but can also be bottled with a Christmas twist.

Mince Pies
Criteria: open to classic mince pies or those with a twist on the traditional flavour. They can be made from shortcrust or puff pastry but must be fully enclosed (though this doesn't have to mean a pastry lid).

Gluten-free Mince Pie
Criteria: a gluten free mince pie that even the most ardent mince pie fan would enjoy. As with the traditional mince pie category, entries should be fully enclosed (though not just with pastry). 

Vegan Mince Pie
Criteria: a vegan mince pie for all to enjoy. They can be made with a vegan puff pastry or shortcrust pastry option and should be fully enclosed (with or without a pastry top).

Christmas Cake
Criteria: a classic Christmas cake, which should be decorated. Marzipan and icing are welcome but not expected. 

Criteria: a traditional stollen log that can be dusted or iced. Marzipan is expected but this can be presented running through the middle or mixed through.

Criteria: a panettone full of festive flavour. The classic option is welcome alongside new flavours as long as it screams Christmas.

Food Gift
Criteria: a gift that would be ideal for the foodie in your life. The gift must be made from food and be suitable for Christmas gifting. 

Food Hamper
Criteria: a hamper brimming with quality food products. These should be suitable for the festive period either as a gift or as a treat for Christmas.

Food or Drink Advent Calendar
Criteria: an advent calendar to bring joy to each and every day over the festive period. There must be a food or drink treat behind each and every door.

Sustainable Focussed Product
Criteria: this category is for any Christmas food product which has sustainability in mind. It can be entered here as well as in another category.