Angela Vincent
UK Cohousing Chair

Angela is the Interim Chair of UK Cohousing Network, as well as trustee of UK Cohousing Trust, which is an educational and research charity looking at the benefits and challenges of community-led housing. Angela is also a community-led housing accredited enabler with Community Led Homes.  

As Chair of Kent Cohousing, a group wanting to create the first cohousing in Kent, one of those pieces of work has been with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation on the Healthy New Towns element of the new garden city.  We have very much motivated from NaCBSA’s Self Build Register perspective that 30 self build dwellings from one cohousing development can tick that box for them, as well genuinely offering self-build and custom build opportunities. 

Cohousing is unique in the build process as demonstrating a lived experience beyond the construction of quality homes.  Marmalade Lane in Cambridge is an excellent example of custom build that also shows off community-led housing and cohousing and, having won awards in its year since inception, can also demonstrate well what can be achieved on a plot the size a normal house builder might work with, when a group is involved in the co-creation.