Why Custom Build… and Why Now?

For the first time ever, support for Custom Build forms a part of the national planning guidance for councils in England, Wales and Scotland and as such the sector is set for significant growth.

The 2016 Right to Build Act put in place a legal requirement for councils in England to keep a register for those who want to commission or build their own home.  

They are bound to meet that demand by granting sufficient development permissions for serviced plots on a rolling three year basis. The first deadline for delivery was October 31st 2019.

This is further strengthened by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in England (2018) and by similar forthcoming planning policies for Wales and Scotland. 



It Accelerates Potential Housing Delivery

Serviced plots may be brought forward by landowners, private sector developers, the public sector, affordable housing providers and by community groups. 

Ensuring a proportion of development land is made available as individual serviced plots encourages diverse housing delivery models and greater competition.

Incorporating serviced plots as part of the development mix can accelerate the build out of large strategic sites.

It Transforms the UK Housing Market

Bringing forward land as individual serviced plots for sale is a relatively new concept in the UK but is a conventional part of the newbuild market in most developed countries, where on average owner commissioned housing constitutes 39% of new housing supply*.

It helps you Meet Consumer Demand

61% of the UK public would like to build their own home according to a 2018 survey conducted by Nationwide BS, yet less than 8% of new homes are currently delivered this way and this is primarily due to restricted access to land and finance.



The Opportunity...

We’ve brought together the first Custom Build Summit to share best practice with professionals looking to maximise opportunity to grow into a rapidly expanding market.

The favourable planning climate emerging around custom build offers a significant opportunity to landowners and land promoters to bring forward land for development and unlock sites that might otherwise not have been considered acceptable by Councils.  

Discover how incorporating custom build development can gain support from planners and public alike and how evidence of demand can be used to secure planning permission on sites that might otherwise be considered contrary to policy.


The Practicalities

Our experts will explore Government support for the sector. We’ll delve into the legislative framework in the marketplace, covering planning policy, tax, levies and more - so you’ll be both informed and empowered to take the next step to business growth and success.

Our insightful speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions will examine sources of funding and specialist insurance products too, giving you actionable strategies to move forward.


The Partnerships

The Custom Build Summit will bring together land promoters, land owners, custom build developers, house builders, planners, consultants, architects and designers to help you unlock this emerging market.

The event also attracts lenders, fund managers & finance specialists alongside government agencies and local authorities so you can develop meaningful partnerships and deliver the houses that your customers really want to live in.


Land Promoters & Landowners

The favourable planning climate emerging around custom build offers a significant opportunity to landowners and land promoters to bring forward land for development and unlock planning gain that might otherwise take years to deliver.  

Discover how incorporating custom build development can gain support from planners and public alike and how demand can used to secure an allocation or bring land forward outside of the local plan.

Custom Build Developers

Being at the heart of the UK’s rapidly emerging custom build housing sector is a great business opportunity.

  • How do you get started?
  • What is the changing legislative environment behind the opportunity?
  • How do you access preferential funding?
  • How do you find land, and identify areas with supportive policies?
  • How do you assess demand and feasibility? 

Find the answers to help your business grow, and learn from others already succeeding.

Existing Housebuilders

Find out how this emerging sector can add growth to your housebuilding business by accelerating absorption rates on existing sites through widening the appeal of newbuild to a whole new audience. 

The custom build sector offers a new and exciting growth opportunity – but a new market, with a new product offer and a new audience with a different set of expectations and requirements. 

Understand the different delivery models, the customer journey and how the opportunity can accelerate the growth and profitability of your business.

Town Planners

Local authorities play the pivotal role in delivering new homes and ensuring diversity of supply, sustainability, high quality design and affordability. 

Planning and housing policy decision makers will want to understand how custom build can help to deliver housing growth in a politically sensitive climate and to learn exactly how other local authorities are succeeding in meeting their duties under the right to build legislation.


  • Planning Consultants
    • Advisers to landowners and developers looking to bring forward custom build developments
  • Architects & Designers
    • Those providing services from masterplanning new estates of serviced plots, to writing design codes, to designing individual homes
  • Lenders, Fund Managers & Finance Specialists
    • Providers of development funding, mortgages, warranties and insurance products
  • Construction Sector Suppliers
    • From groundworks contractors to specialists in ‘modern methods of construction’ 
  • Government Agencies and Local Authorities
    • MHCLG and Key Govt. Agency, Homes England, local authority self build officers and public/private sector development partnerships