Charlie Luxton

Sustainable architectural designer and presenter of More4’s Building the Dream.

Charlie Luxton is passionate about sustainability and architecture. He has spent the last twelve years designing sustainable buildings, making television programmes about architecture and design, working on environmental community projects and giving talks on all aspects of sustainability.

He became aware of sustainability whilst studying architecture in the early 1990s and went to work on an Eco Tourism project in Ethiopia during 1996‐97. From this foundation his passion and belief in a sustainable future has grown to underpin everything he does. At home he has helped start Hook Norton Low Carbon, a community co-­‐operative that has invested over £400K into village
wide carbon reduction schemes.


At his architecture practice, Charlie Luxton Design, he along with his team create architecture fit for the 21st century; designs that respond to local materials, traditions and climate. With many years experience designing environmental buildings, sustainability informs all of the design decisions.

He regularly gives talks and presentations to a wide range of audiences about all aspects of the built environment and sustainability. Whether talking about airport terminals or termites, Charlie is always passionate, accessible and informative.