Sally Tagg

Managing Director of Foxley Tagg Planning Limited

Sally is a Chartered Town Planner, who has worked in both the public and private sectors, with extensive experience of the housing development industry.

In 2000 Sally formed Foxley Tagg Planning Limited, with its Head Office in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and has subsequently developed the company’s business interests which includes projects throughout England and Wales.

The nature of the schemes undertaken by Foxley Tagg Planning over the past twenty years have been wide and varied including self and custom build, sport and leisure facilities, large scale housing projects, commercial/retail schemes, developments in conservation areas, listed building projects, together with bespoke smaller housing schemes.

Sally’s role requires a strategic overview of projects and the strategy employed with each case, strong negotiation and project management skills, together with the ability to make robust planning arguments that are grounded in policy and legislation.

In addition to the preparation of successful planning applications and managing appeals through the planning process, Sally and her team use this first-hand experience to advise and train Local Councils in respect of the planning process and best practice.

For many years Sally has presented at numerous conferences, including Eco Build London, The Right to Build Expo London, The Big Green Show at The National Self-Build & Renovation Centre and at Grand Designs on behalf of NasCBA to audiences of planning professionals, elected councillors and the self-builder/custom build sector. 

Sally has been the ‘Resident Planning Expert’ for the Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine since 2008, through which she also presents seminars on planning matters and  provides direct advice to members of the public at The Planning Clinic and writes articles on all aspects of town and country planning in respect of Custom Build & Self.

Sally has also been an Executive Committee Member of the National Custom and Self-Build Association - NaCSBA since 2011 and worked as part of the government/industry working group in conjunction with MHCLG to deliver the reports “an Action Plan to promote the growth of Self Build Housing” and “planning for Custom Build Housing – A Planning Guide” following which a series of targeted workshops were co-ordinated throughout the country in which Planning Authorities were supported in “preparing for the self-build revolution”.

Following NaCSBA’s launch of the new Right to Build Task Force initiative, which seek to facilitate local authorities, community groups and other public and private sector groups, Sally is now a member of the Task Force Board along with other industry professionals and being actively involved in helping to provide support for to the Right to Build through the work of the Task Force Board.