Meet our experts from Homebuilding & Renovating who are presenting on the Main Stage and the Expert Advice and taking part in the Ask the Expert Live Chat. 


Michael Holmes 

Michael Holmes is Homebuilding’s Head of Content and Product Development. Michael is also Chair of the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), presenter of multiple property TV shows and author of Renovating for Profit (Ebury).

David Hilton 

David Hilton is an expert in sustainable building and energy efficiency and is also director of Heat and Energy Ltd.

Mark Stevenson 

Mark Stevenson has 30 years’ experience as a construction professional and is managing director at Potton, where he helps self builders create their dream homes.

Laura Crombie

Laura Crombie has been writing about homes and interiors for 13 years. She's presenter of the Real Homes Show and currently DIY renovating a 1960s house.

Jason Orme

Jason Orme, experienced self builder and renovator, and Managing Director for homes brands at Future Plc.

Sally Tagg

Sally Tagg is Managing Director of Foxley Tagg Planning Ltd; Executive Committee Member – National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA); and Board Member of the Right to Build Taskforce

Laura Jane Clark

Laura Jane Clark is founder of Lamp Architects and Siren Sister and is part of the team on BBC2’s Your Home Made Perfect.

Allan Corfield

Allan Corfield runs Allan Corfield Architects and is an expert in designing high-performing, energy-efficient homes. Allan is also one of the leading experts in SIPs and is part of the Structural Timber Association and a member of NaCSBA.

Paul Testa

Paul Testa is director of Paul Testa Architecture and had a special interest in sustainable design.

Andy Stevens

Andy Stevens runs his own building company and consultancy, hosts radio shows, writes magazine articles, speaks at international events and presents on TV and social media. He is also brand ambassador for a number of construction and media related companies.