Can it be true?  Changing weather patterns of too little or too much rain has meant that certain areas in the UK are officially in drought while others are experiencing flooding. With other factors a solution needs to be found.
Collecting fast flowing rainwater off the roof can help alleviate the effects of this change to prepare for a sustainable future water supply. Harvested rainwater can be used for toilets, washing machines or outside use which can significantly reduce the stress on mains supply. There is no need to flush toilets with drinking quality water bought from miles away.
 Rainwater is filtered and stored in an underground tank and then pumped back into the house either directly to each appliance or by a gravity system.

In the same process of collecting fast flowing water locally, this can act as part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS). Our RainActiv combines the benefits of rainwater harvesting but with a controlled and measured SuDS solution. Therefore this aids water usage and drainage strategy in planning applications for a long term environmental solution.

Established in 2008 RainWater Harvesting Ltd is a family run company which design and manufacture rainwater harvesting systems in the UK for UK homes. The business was formed after having a house extension built and deciding that a rainwater harvesting system would be a beneficial addition. However it was not straight forward and so a business idea was formed. It was decided to create a company supplying complete systems (including tanks, filters, pump, controls, pipe and labels) to homeowners. Our in house technical design team developed both direct feed and award winning gravity fed Rain Director mains back up systems. Starting from scratch meant we could put fresh ideas to the market. The Rain Director is WRAS approved and therefore accepted by all water providers as being compliant.  

We are constantly looking to improve the products and rely on customer feedback which is why you will see us at most of the Homebuilding and Renovating Shows. 

We are delighted to be an official sponsor of The Home Building and Renovating Awards to highlight all business’s supporting environmental solutions.